24th February 2017

What fish species to catch in Slovenia?

In Slovenia, anglers have plenty of opportunities for fishing various interesting fish species. Probably best-known are marble trout, brown trout, grayling and huchen.

Marble trout

Marble trout is one of the largest European salmonid species. It lives in the streams of the Adriatic basin only. It inhabits smaller brooks and larger rivers with crystal clear waters. Fishing for marble trout itself is a special adventure. Anglers usually climb the streams upstream in search of nice pools where under smaller and larger rocks, this beautiful and large trout lives. Season starts on April 1st and ends on September 30th. Best flies are various streamers and also smaller nymphs. In certain circumstances, marble trout of various size rise for insects on the surface. Dry fly fishing for large marble trout is rare but unique experience, full of adrenaline.

Brown trout

Brown trout is quite common in Slovenia. Best fisheries are streams of the Danube basin. Brown trout inhabits almost every brook and river with relatively clean waters. Season lasts from April till the end of September. All fly fishing techniques are successful. You can chase it with dry flies, nymphs and streamers. Especially beautiful brown trout specimens live in deep chalk streams. They are very hard to catch. Largest specimens are caught in the first weeks in April and then during high waters that follow the rainy period in September.


Grayling is one of the most interesting fly fishing species in Slovenia. Slovenian anglers call him “the silver knight”. The season for grayling fishing starts on May 16th and lasts until the end of November. Fly fishing for grayling is in Slovenia is probably most productive in May and June, when medium and large specimens rise to the surface. It is time of sunny days and warmth, followed by a good hatch. Dry fly fishing is the most interesting way of catching grayling. Summer is time for smallest of dry flies and nymphs. Anglers need a good portion of patiente and a good eye for the rings. Autumn is again time for larger graylings. Both dry fly and nymph are productive. Various CDC flies and nymphs in earth colors will do good.


Huchen is the largest European freshwater salmonid species. It grows up to 140 cm and weights 40 kg. Huchen season starts on October 1st and lasts until February 14th. Best rivers for huchen fishing are Sava, Ljubljanica and Kamniška Bistrica. When fly fishing for huchen, anglers use large streamers that can be heavy or light. Tackle is heavy due to the power of the fish. Fight is energetic but not explosive. Every anglers that wishes to chase huchen must be prepare for thousands of casts in frost, snow, rain and similar unfriendly conditions. Still, there is no guarantee for catching one but when it happens, fisherman is rewarded with unforgettable memories. Huchen is called “the king of the river”, foreigners also refer to it as a Danube salmon,