Are fish baskets still fashionable?

Elderly fishermen used, while fly fishing, wicker baskets to keep fish fresh. Do any of you still remember them, are they still in fashion?

You surely must remember knit basket, if not otherwise maybe from one of the fishing films. They have been popular in the last few decades when catch and release fishing was not so widespread. Baskets were used in a way, that when an angler caught a fish, they were then kept there, free from the flies and hot summer sun. Anglers also put some grass or nettles inside, leaving the meat fresh for a long time.

Today, we see these baskets in practice only very rarely. They are used by older fishermen or those who swear by the “old school” look and angling fashion. If we browse online stores, we can find a number of interesting museum examples that can enrich the fishing spot in our house. Basically, this part of the fishing equipment is very convenient, so it will probably be reinvented some time in the future.

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