Ever tried carp fishing with a fly?

Have you ever tried to fly fish for carp? Carp is a powerful and very common freshwater fish, present in all kinds of waters across the globe. And if some are fighting against them, anglers may benefit from their abundance through fishing. all you need is a free afternoon, fly fishing rod and a little bit of patience.

Carps are well known for their appetite and very often grab an insect or little fish as well. They are curious too, which is a good sign for anglers. carp fishing with boilies is extremely popular in Europe, but anglers across the globe are more and more fishing it with a fly as well.

Best gear for carp fly fishing is a longer and heavier rod with appropriate fly line and a reel. Tippet should be stronger as the distance for a strike is longer and fish are usually very powerful. A 10 kg carp is no picnic on a fly rod and angler has a really good time while landing it.

Choosing appropriate fly is of utmost importance. We should consider choosing larger and softer flies since the mouth of the carp is very tender and they tend to look and feel the food first. When we feel a take or even see it, we should strike immediately in a confident manner but not too hard.

During landing, we should note that carp will try to hide somewhere in the branches or in weeds. Always keep him away from those places or you will lose it.

So next time you hear for a good pond full of carps, grab your fly rod and go fly fishing for a carp. It is great fun and a good complementary method of fishing.

Tight lines!

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