Fishing on small streams is not only about small fish

In principle, small streams are visited by a substantially smaller number of anglers. They avoid them because they feel that there are no fish or they are difficult to access. Streams are, of course, more overgrown, which prevents the throwing and general presentation of our flies. But peace outweighs all the efforts we need to make to catch the fish. In the small and wild rivers, only the most persistent and best fishermen will survive. But in the end, sticking to the plan and perseverance always pay off.

It’s not true that only small fish live in brooks and other small streams. The average size may be smaller than in larger rivers, but the fisherman can be pleasantly surprised! Underneath the banks and the roots, a large brown trout can hide, and a little lower a large grayling may be lurking for the insects on the surface. Smallness is always only in the fisherman’s head; if he will prove to be a good angler, he will enjoy it!

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