Fishing with a split cane

In the course of history, fishing rods were originally made of different types of wood, most often from one that is sufficiently flexible and lightweight. The rods were nevertheless cumbersome and nothing like today’s, made of modern and powerful materials.

The history of split cane dates back to the early 19th century. At this time, the English masters came to the idea to glue the split fragments of the bamboo stem. They made fishing rods that are light but extremely durable. Split canesĀ are suitable for coarse fishing and spinning, but the best known are split canesĀ for fly fishing.

Split canes are beautifully movable and allow sleek and soft casts. The fisherman must carefully guard them, which means that he keeps them upright in a cool and dark place, and the rod should be dismantled during the storage. The rods are to be wiped only with a damp cloth, not with detergents.

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