24th February 2017


For fly fishing in Slovenia, you need a valid daily fishing licence. For easy and safe purchase of licences for more than 400 fisheries in Slovenia just click on www.ribiskekarte.si and choose your favorite fishing destination. First, register with a valid email at registration form. Then browse through the fisheries, choose your license and date of fishing. You can not buy an online licence without a date entered. Paying is easy and safe, you can finish it with all major credit cards or PayPal.

Every licence should be printed out on a piece of A4 paper. If you do not have a printer, please save your PDF fishing licence to a portable disk or USB and print it out in a hotel or some local bar.

You will also need a valid ID, fishing guide is not mandatory. Fishing guide is usually mandatory for huchen fishing only. If you need a fishing guide for hucho fishing, please write us an email at info(at)ribiskekarte.si. Tight lines guys!