Most of the time, huchen fishing only possible with a local guide

With the opening of the new huchen fishing season in some areas in October, the old question of mandatory escort of the local member in Slovenia raises again. Why is a “solo” fishing for the huchen rare exception and what do history and connoisseurs say about the topic?

Huchen fishing is one of the tougher regulated, and therefore more difficult to access freshwater sports fishing option in Slovenia – and in a neighbour countries as well. This is due to the rule that, in most fishing families, the fisherman must have a compulsory escort of a member of the local fishing club (where he is fishing). Often this comes with a fishing guard. Why?


Another possible reason lies in the size of the prey. An adult huchen is a relatively large fish. Large specimen will cause the fisherman plenty of headaches, especially in the final stages of landing the fish. At that time, a companion will come in handy. Huchen fishing can be quite adrenaline or even a bit dangerous.


Like hunters, organized fishermen obviously love the tradition. If you ask an average member of the fishing family, he will tell you that escort while huchen fishing has always been the case and that it is a tradition. As we can see, there are quite a few interesting assumptions that make the escorting while fishing the King of rivers quite appropriate and reasonable.

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