Season ends on November 30th

A chunky rainbow trout from Meza river, Slovenia.

A chunky rainbow trout from Meza river, Slovenia.

Fly fishing season in Slovenia usually ends on November 30th. Winter time, which is ahead of us, is perfect for looking back to the season, remembering nice moments with friends and catches.

Looking back to all the months of fishing, from April until now, we may say that it was a great season, full of nice fish, with stable weather and good hatch. Some of the anglers from Slovenia and abroad sent us pictures of their fish. You can check out the gallery HERE.

In their opinion, the season of 2017 was particularly good for rainbow trout and marble trout fishing. Some of the anglers took a leap of fate and tried fly fishing for pike or huchen. The others, who like classics the most, fly fished for elusive chalk grayling.

At the moment, at the end of November, when the season is slowly finishing, we sit behind the tying bench and fill up the fly boxes again. Hopefully, we can use the majority of these fly patterns in the upcoming season 2018.

And how was your fly fishing season? Let us know in the comments area below. Tight lines!

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