The right choice of fly fishing waders

Fly fishing waders are an extremely important part of fishing (fly fishing) equipment. Since they are not cheap, it is important to choose ones that will be of the highest quality. We are of course looking for the best quality / price ratio.

Based on a number of tests, we can say that the potential weak points of waders are three: seams, material, and socks. It is extremely important that we know what we are buying, because that is the only way we will make the right decision and we will not regret the purchase.

To avoid problems with waders in the beginning, we buy ones that DO NOT have seams. We buy those that are made using the “gluing” technique.

The material or fabric of which the waders are made should be 5-LAYER and by no means only 3-layer (or even less). Such a 5-layer fabric, which should of course breathe, should end high above the waist.

Regarding the sock, make sure it is made of thick and quality neoprene. We put a lot of strain on the sock, and it is also affected by pebbles and sand. It is extremely important that it is durable. What good is a 5-layer material if the sock is of poor quality and will leak after 10 fishing days?

We hope we’ve helped you with the content to make your decision easier the next time you buy your fly fishing waders. We want you to make the right decision and that your equipment would serve you well over many fishing days.

Source: Which fly fishing waders are the right choice for me? (in Slovene)

Photo: Pixabay