24th February 2017

Welcome to Slovenia!

Slovenia is a small European country, full of diversities, Alpine and Karst world, crystal clear streams and alluring large fish. Fly anglers can enjoy fly fishing experience all year long. They can choose from various streams, small brooks to large rivers, and different fly fishing techniques. True fly fishing season lasts from April 1st till the end of September. Autumn is great for grayling fishing. Anglers who love fly fishing with streamers can enjoy chasing large pikes and huchens, the kings of the rivers.

Slovenia is known for its diversity and lots of anglers call it European »New Zealand«. Although beautiful, prices are reasonable and everything is easily accessible. In a radius of 150 km one may find 30 + stunning fly fishing fisheries. Start your morning streamer fishing for large marble trout and end your day dry fly casting for gorgeous grayling. In Slovenia, everything is at hand. If some waters are high or extremely low, just browse through our map and choose another good river with perfect water levels. Alpine and Karst world of Slovenia is so diverse that anglers have excellent possibilities for fishing in almost all weather conditions.

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