24th February 2017

Where to fish in Slovenia?

Probably the best known Slovenian fly fishing rivers are Soča, Radovna, Krka, Sava Bohinjka, Unica, Obrh … But in Slovenia, there is a number of other beautiful streams too, hidden gems, where large and dazzling fish live. Best way of exploring this fisheries is to visit www.ribiskekarte.si. Click on the map or search via our search engine.

You should not miss the upper stretches of Sava, Ljubljanica, Poljanska Sora, Tržiška Bistrica, Savinja, Kamniška Bistrica, Soča, Vipava, Meža, Krka and smaller streams such as Bistra, Hudinja, Lipnica, Dreta, Radeščica, Iška … the list goes on and on.

  1. For marble trout fishing, we suggest: Vipava, Soča, Reka, Rižana
  2. For brown trout fishing, we suggest: Lipnica, Meža, Selška Sora, Kamniška Bistrica
  3. For fishing for grayling, we suggest: Ljubljanica upper part, Vipava, Savinja, Poljanska Sora
  4. For huchen fishing, we suggest: Ljubljanica lower part, Sava (Fishing Family Radovljica), Sava (Fishing Family Tržič), Sava Dolinka