Why I chose Hodgman fly fishing waders?

Years ago, I was a fervent follower of one of the world’s most famous fly fishing brand. Over time, my eyes opened and I became attentive to the product, its true value and quality. For the Aesis Sonic, I was attracted because of these reasons:

  • Extremely durable 5-layer material on the feet and the backside area
  • 4-layer part in the upper part of trousers
  • They fit nicely to the body, walking in them is quite simple
  • Material excellent “breathes”
  • Socks are made of 5 mm thick durable neoprene and are anatomically shaped (left and right foot)
  • No seams, joints are welded (Sonic 2.0 technology), removable shoulders for fishing on hot days (although competitors have this, is this kind of technology a “must have” today).

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